Saturday, August 4, 2012



Feelings are like a glass. It’s fragile. If you hold it carefully, strongly, secure, patiently it will last longer. Feelings aren’t easy to retain. You can’t play with feelings because if you do so, one’s may experience a heart broken. Feelings are intangible, you can’t touch it but you can feel it. However, sometimes feelings take control of our physical and psychological action. You can’t rely 100% on feelings. Feelings at some point are just an imagination of yours. If you act with your feelings, you’re taking a short cut of your life. And the short cut must have their consequences they’re either pleasure or a dead end. If you don’t know where the short cut is leads you to, just forget on taking it. A dead end will be appears any soon somehow. If your feelings always turns and not in place, you always skip to another phrase as the one is not done with, *hulur ubat* you got something with your brain brooo, #ehh I mean maaaannn. *man in this contact refers to human.*
It may seem FUN to act selfish as a fishyfishfishs
 *FACT fish ain’t as selfish as human are*
The fun will only last for a short period and end up suffering in the future.
Believe in what you truly believe. Don’t simply believe with your feelings thoroughly. That is why Allah created us human with brains. It’s act as a filter to our action. Your brain may looks small but it is the most powerful organ that you have besides you’re heart. Use your brain powerful tiny brain to think than using your buttery feelings.  

                                                                   Sincerely me ! heeeeeee=D

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